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 I have no clue why I called this Vendetta, I've been playing to much Call Of Duty methinks XD
Whoo! For some oddball fucked ass reason I wanted to re do my journal, for no reason at all. Part of the New Year I guess? 
Now to report in!(:
So for Christmas I got a xbox 360, I'm sorry Sony but Microsoft kicked ass in the whole console thing. Some of its not the games though, the people I know on XBL are waaaay nicer than PSN. I'm sorry there is just way to much drama on PSN. Way too much. Plus my area around here are more of xbox people anyways so I really do know more people on xbox than I do on ps3. 

Alright so I was talking to my little brother about what are we going to do with the ps3, since I hate that piece of shit but, at the same times I don't want to get rid of it. So I'm keeping it to start some drama. Anyways so my buddy, Conner deleted me 'cause I was talking to my brother instead of talking to him.

I was like 'Wow you're a douchebag.' but to humor him I was like 'wtf why you delete me.' That got a couple messages on ps3 but, I was like whatever I don't really give a shit. Than on facebook earlier he was like 'I'll add you tomorrow lol.' Then I said 'Ok I really don't play anymore so whatever.' then he goes 'whats wrong with you?' I go 'I don't really know, and don't really care.' he goes 'w.e. then.' then I go 'ok.'

Yeah I'm such a freakin badass. So yeah, PSN = drama purposes, XBL = for fun purposes. 

I already made three friends on XBL. Already replaced most of them(: I really just don't give a living fuck anymore.
2011 is going to be badass bitches. Gunna get a boyfriend, and do some stuff you know?(:

No internet for the week though, but hey its all good in the hood motherfuckers.

Catch y'all later!(:







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