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Fear Me, I haz tumblr.

Yeah I got a tumblr. Thanks to late night boredom :D<3
Yeah, so my LJ is meant for rants, where people don't know. And tumblr is for random shit for the people I know :D 
Also deleting stuff off my computer. I haz to much junk.


 As today was Sunday. I went to Church today. You know the whole STATUS group and stuff. That was actually pretty awesome.

Now after Church. That was different. 
As usual, I got home and went upstairs to play some Left 4 Dead. I get on, Zac was on (Degraded). So we had an xbox live party chat, since he was playing some game called Baby Maker Extreme or somethin :I
I was playing Blood Harvest. 
I play Singlplayer or splitscreen with my brother. Don't play online that much. This time I was alone as usual. I was ahead of the AI bots and I run right by a witch. Luckily I didn't startle it, so I waited for the AI to go past the witch and catch up.
They did not do that. Well no, Bill and Louis were doing the right thing. But stupid Francis walks right next to it and STARTLES THE FUCKING WITCH. 
We got far away from her. You know in the second chapter of Blood Harvest where the trains are? We were on the side nearest to the trees. So the witch was running up and down the train tracks. I left her alone and so did the AI (THANK GOD) for a while. Then I activated the switch.

And she comes running right toward me, incaps me and kills the rest of the team.
Then I went to play Death Toll Finale. I was ahead of the group getting to the boat, so I was like 'Hehheh I'm such a badass. Going to beat them.'
Then a Tank just pushes me out of the way. 
Fucking Tank. 

I'm tired so uh g'night and have a good week folks!

The Funeral Part Two.

At every occasion I'll be ready for a funeral.
At every occasion once more is called funeral.
Every occasion I'm ready for the funeral.
At every occasion one brilliant day funeral.

MemoriesCollapse )MemoriesCollapse )Memories.Collapse )


The Funeral Part One.

As like most good things, they must come to an end. The New Year doesn't help that much and the whole getting an xbox ordeal. 
One of those friendships was the 'PSN Buddies'. We were all great friends but, in the epidemic of getting an xbox they were very mad at me. With the new personality I have gotten over this new year. I have learned that you just need to drop some people. 
If you have me on facebook, you have seen the 'i hate u' wall post.
Thats the death of the friendship. And I guess this is the funeral? No the next post will be, where I'll write the best memories that I had with them.
As I'm still fighting with Conner on facebook, I might finish this up. 




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